The 8th Issue of Buzdokuz Poetry Theory Criticism Magazine is Out Now

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Asemic writing is an act of “de-semanticised writing”. Asemic text is a writing style that distills the phenomena from the semantics of language. In Asemic writing the gaps of meaning are filled by the reader.

It is not simply a disruption of language or a “boiling down” of grammar in order to emphasize the letters. Like concrete poetry, it seems to be “an object to be perceived rather than read” at first sight. But asemic works are not mimetic nor decorative compositions. Although the asemic poet/artist appears to disrupt the constraints of language in order to avoid meaning, language cannot be conceived without its ideological ties. Therefore, it may be possible to think that asemic writing ventures away from the logic of signification governed by the culture or ideology.

Buzdokuz focuses extensively on asemic writing in this issue. By breaking new ground in Turkish poetry, the latest issue features the most remarkable poets/artists dealing with the asemic writing as well as the first exhibition information, and the list of asemic magazines. Opening with an asemic introduction, the ESC chapter of the magazine is completely devoted to asemic works by poets/artists: Christian Bök, Jim Leftwich, Irene Koronas, Astra Papachristodoulou, Muhammed Yusuf Aktekin, E. J. Coates, Hayriye Ünal, Eric Zboya, Tim Gaze, Laura Kerr, Paul Hawkins, Mert Özden, Edward Kulemin, Michael Jacobson, John M. Bennett, Geof Huth, Theodoros Chiotis, Burak Ş. Çelik, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Cennet Camuşçu, SJ Fowler, Tommi Musturi, Vilde B. Torset, Hakan Şarkdemir.

The introductory essay by Burak S. Çelik in the INSERT chapter discusses asemic writing. Çelik also conducts interviews with two of the most significant figures of asemic writing, Jim Leftwich and Tim Gaze. Muhammed Yusuf Aktekin introduces the codes of asemic writing in Codex Seraphinianus. Mert Özden interrogates possible connections between asemic writing, calligraphy and graffiti.

Featuring CTRL+A poets are Murat Üstübal + Atakan Yavuz + Abdullah Enis Savaş + Ertuğrul Rast + Olivier Pagy + Nilgün Yılmaz + Meryem Delmar + Cansu Aybaş + Ahmet B. Tamu + Nergihan Yeşilyurt + Nur Alan + Rahman Yıldız + Hakan Unutmaz + Ali Berkay + Serdar Süalp + Yusuf Koşal.

You can read the latest episode of conceptual writing series by Atakan Yavuz at SPACE: “The Poet as a Vacuum Fixer”.

The PRT SC was allocated to the poems of the Anglo-American Objectivist poet George Oppen. Oppen’s poems are translated to Turkish by Murat Üstübal, Çağatay Koparal, Ertuğrul Rast, Hasan Bozdaş, and Gizem Atlı.

The CAPS LOCK chapter is including an essay by Murat Üstübal and Atakan Yavuz’s translation from Susan Howe. The magazine is closing with Zeynep Arkan’s interview with Ertuğrul Rast.

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